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should my business be on the

World Wide Web?


Just as the newspaper did!

the radio did!

the television did!

NOW ....


the World Wide Web is exploding as the next media of choice!


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40 million people and adding daily!

Exclaim.gif (1081 bytes) Estimated by the year 2000 - 550 million people will use the WEB!
Exclaim.gif (1081 bytes) How many TV commercials show a Web address?
Exclaim.gif (1081 bytes) Can you find a magazine advertisement without a Web address?


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  • Television and radio are costly and customers must be on the correct channel, and at the right time!
  • Magazines, newspapers and telephone books are costly and limited in impact


  • Your ad can be seen by anyone on the Web!
  • This includes the world, the United States, your state, your County or Parish, your city, your community and your neighbor!


  • Web advertising is available 24 hours per day - 365 days per year!

  • Takes no sick days, holidays or lunch breaks!


  • Your Web site can entertain by using graphics, animation, video and audio!  
  • New advances anounced daily!
  • Can be made quickly!
  • Try changing a magazine or newspaper ad the day it goes to print!
  • Try pulling back flyers with a misspelled word!
  • Potential customers can dig into company information and leave messages, making the Web an interactive process!



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How do people find my business on the Web?
This is a big concern, but tools are available to help get your business found:
  • Register on search engines or indexes
  • Build Web pages with all the necessary information to get on the top search engines accurately
  • Register on specific indexes for your business
  • Use an integrate strategy - Place your Web address on everything you do including business cards, brochures, flyers and even trucks, shipping boxes, letterhead, etc.

What if my customers don’t use the Web?
  • PC sales have gone through the roof; many under $1000 !!
  • Web TV equipment being sold in the national department stores!
  • The Web is not new anymore, businesses and customers alike are finding the Web is a must have!
  • Why not tap the millions of current customers on the Web - could these be new customers?
  • Don't be fooled by computer illiteracy, people from all ages and walks of life are on the Web.



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