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is SoultStreet Consulting?


A description of us and what we do



We are a group of computer professionals. After normal business hours - we provide Web publishing services.


The Facts:

  • We work after normal business hours
  • We buy service from a Web service company, which provides 24 hour service
  • We generally communicate after hours via email, voice mail or US mail
  • Our group of core consultants are analysts and programmers - we employ no true salespeople
  • We enjoy what we do
  • We have many years of experience working with customers and technical people



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Our price - compared to benefits are very competitive.



We will design and build your site until you are satisfied. If we can't build the image you are looking for - there will be no cost to you.


Added value is provided because we are a small company and we enjoy the work. We will continually try to enhance your site and the traffic to your site - free of charge


We are not new to the technical field. We have many years of technical know-how and can provide the communications between the technical person and the business person.


Our group is made up of many types of technical resources and others including retired professionals and other business owners.


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How do I communicate with SoultStreet?

New technology has provided a wealth of communication channels. We use many of the standard channels including fax, e-mail, voice mail, US Mail, etc.

How do you support your computers, if you are not there?

We buy time from a Web service and re-sell these services. This allows us to focus on our business while our service provides 24 hour availability of our Web sites (and yours).

What is your business?

We provide Web publishing services using your current marketing materials. We will tailor your materials for the Web and add Web type features. Additionally, a full array of services are available - including re-selling of Web space, email forwarding, custom programming, etc.



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