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do I need to get my business on the

World Wide Web?


These are items required to advertise on the Web, including costs.



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WEB Pages
This is what is seen when your address or domain name is entered by someone looking for your information (your are currently looking at a WEB page). A page is generally made up of text and pictures like a magazine advertisement. In addition, animations, video and audio can be seen/heard on pages. Web pages are not limited to showing information, some pages can allow a customer to enter information or ask questions. Other pages can accept credit card purchases.

2) Pictures, Logo's, etc
These items make the impact for your site. Generally these items are drawn or scanned to produce an electronic copy of your picture. These images or graphics can then be placed on your site as a permanent fixture. For example, your logo could be on the top of each page and is only set up one time.
3) Place to put your pages
Your pages need to be put on a computer which is hooked up to the Internet all the time. This is sometimes called space or storage and is identified by MB or megabytes in most sales information.
4) Registering to search engines
This process will place the name of your company on the list of the top search engines. A search engine is an enormous index of information found on the WEB, and is a good way for customers to find you.
5) Changes to your pages
Depending on the nature or purpose of your site, changes could be important. A change could be the updating of an image, adding a new feature on a page or the re-design of the image.

6) Register your address
The Internic is the organization which keeps track of all of the addresses on the Internet. The cost for this service is $100.00 for the first 2 years and $50.00 for each year after that. This is paid directly by you to the Internic.
7) Domain name service
This is the process of translating your address ( to something the Web can understand. Not only will this process provide the home for your address, it will tell the whole Internet where to find you.
8) Additional Features
Other features are available for your Web site. These items can be added as needed and a quote can be provided on request. Some features include animated logo’s, guest books, Credit Card purchases, e-mail forwarding, etc.



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Do I need my own WEB address?

This is a personal preference. Your address can be used as name recognition, but most customers typically select your site by picking an item on a search engine or bookmarking your site. An interested customer will not have any difficulty finding your site. Placing your site under another domain has cost savings advantages (see the SoultStreet Packages)

What about E-mail?

Electronic mail is provided by your ISP and is generally included in the fees. We offer the service but will typically provide e-mail forwarding to your ISP account. For example or anybody@your_business, would be sent to your e-mail account.


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SoultStreet Packages
  • Complete sites provided under
  • Includes Items 1 thru 5 listed above
  • Requires 1 year sign-up periods, costs billed annually
  • Includes registration in larger search engines
  • Minor maintenance provided 1 time per 6 month period


Single Page Plan

  • Includes setup of 1 page, 2 images and up to 200 words
  • Up to 1 mb of Web storage


$49.95 setup / $14.95 per month

Multi-Page Plan

  • Includes setup of 3 pages, 6 images and up to 600 words
  • Up to 3 mb of Web storage
$74.95 setup / $19.95 per month

Your own domain name
  • Complete sites provided under your own web address
  • Includes Items 1 thru 7 listed above (seperate fee required to Internic)
  • Includes setup of up to 3 pages, 6 graphics and 600 words
  • Requires 1 year sign-up periods, costs billed annually
  • Includes registration in larger search engines
  • Minor maintenance provided 1 time per 6 month period
  • Up to 10 mb of Web storage


Basic Plan
$199.95 setup / $29.95 per month


Other plans available - Please contact us for details

Individual Components
Items to create a site using your own WEB address
  • First page setup (see item 1)
  • Additional page setup
  • Images scanned and minimial editing (see item 2)
  • Initial 10 mb of WEB storage (see item 3)
  • Additional storage (see item 3)
  • Major search engine registration (see item 4)
  • Individual or periodic changes (see item 5)
  • Registration to Internet (see item 5)
    (seperate fee required to Internic)
  • Additional features (see item 8)
* Please contact us for additional products/programming and pricing


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