All My Family!
Original art depicting your family by NancyMay

I provide original art depicting your family in their prize winning roles. My drawings provide a unique view of your family and are whimsical keepsakes. These drawings are reminiscent of childhood art and are designed around specific attributes of each family member. Original.gif (40836 bytes)


Step 1: Shop - Choose a product and style (check out the samples)

Choose between:

1) Computer Generated ($19.95) - My original art, assembled from a collection, customized with your names and printed using high quality stock. (Limited selections)


2) Original watercolor ($74.95) - A hand sketched, signed and watercolored depiction of your family done to your specifications.


Samples and Computer Generated Products
The Family - My original design with your family done in a horizontal line.
The Family Tree - Your heritage done in a cartoon-like tree. Great to show off those family roots.
The Family at the Beach, - Visit the beach with your family! Don't forget those pets!
Death Valley - LSU football - Your family placed amoung the tailgators and in LSU stadium.
The CRT - computer - Put your gang inside a computer terminal .. Perfect for that gang at work.
The Evolution - Show the development of a family member. Starting with a point in history, depicting lifes' milestones. This is great gift for a retired person. Imagine showing dad from that fireman, high school football star, accounting career and then that sub-par golf round.

Step 2: Where to next?

1) See the characters (character samples and selections for computer generated art)

2) Order Computer Generated Art (panel numbers and characters required)

3) Order Original Art



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